Sunday, July 14, 2013

Today is my Birthday! Yesterday, we had my party!
I had a Barbie party as you can see.
Mommy said that they bought me a refrigerator....well, she was right! Not only did they turn a real fridge box into a barbie box for me to get in, they also got me some Barbie kitchen stuff--fridge included! =)

 I also got a Barbie fairy. She had the same colors as my outfit, so we had our picture taken together in the box.
I chose cheesecake for my cake. It was really yummy! We had a cheesecake bar and all got to pick our own toppings for our cake.

Some of my friends came to my party too! It was so fun! Somehow we all got in the box at the same time!
Here is a barbie of ours getting ready to take an avacado bath. We had BLAT's and grilled pineapple.

The lettuce went in a Barbie corvette. =)
After the party, and the guests had left, me and momma went to the railroad tracks to take my birthday pictures.

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for coming to my party!
The End.


  1. What a cool Barbie box! Happy birthday!!

  2. What a lovely birthday party you had! So happy for you and you are so blessed to have such a loving, kind and wonderful family! Happy Belated Birthday to you! <3